“As you Wish”

Paralanguage is one of those fascinating fields of study.  I have always found it interesting to not only pick up but also identify the different nuances behind phrases and what they might mean.  Webster has done a good job of defining a lot of words but even in those definitions meaning can be misconstrued, lost or mistaken.  Take the word “fine” for instance.  Webster states that “fine” is first the potential size of particles, but secondly is something satisfactory or pleasing.  Now imagine I wrote the word “fine!”  Even in type, the italics change the meaning to make both options less likely and a third definition necessary.  So how do we know what someone is actually saying and what he or she truly means especially when it comes to matters of the heart?

Probably one of my favorite movies of all times is “Princess Bride.”  This is not just because I am a hopeless romantic (even after a broken heart a part of me still remains this way), but it is because the phrase that is used to say “I love you.”  Often, it’s hard sometimes for people to truly come out and say what they mean to say.  John Mayer can write songs all day long about how we should just “Say” what we mean, but more often than not meaning is misconstrued.  Wesley decided to show the Princess he loved by doing anything she asked him to do.  For men, love is defined by the desire to provide, protect and profess their love.  Wesley provided what he could as she needed it, he ended up protecting her throughout the movie, and it was in those things he professed his love for her which was continuously echoed in the now cliché phrase “As you wish.” 



How can we weed through the grey in our communication and find out what people are truly saying?  It’s a combination of what is said and what is done to determine meaning.  I don’t know about the girls reading this post, but I have always longed to find someone who would readily say “as you wish” for the rest of my life; especially because their wish, in turn, would happily be my command.  Disney always said “one day your prince will come” but I’m not sure that is true for all of us.  I think Disney did a lot to shatter the truth about love for those of us who grew up in the 80’s but I truly believe there are still a few Wesley’s out there.


One thought on ““As you Wish”

  1. My problem is that I always say exactly what I mean, but I am also sarcastic and those that don’t know me well are often unable to distinguish the difference. I’m not one to change who I am simply to please others unless I feel they are doing the same for me.

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