“I live for the applause.”

Remember “doppelganger day” on Facebook?  I reluctantly put up a picture of Lady Gaga, only because of what happened at a Subway the day before (Story Here). Apart from a vague resemblance that seems to be enhanced by the lighting in Subway, I share little else with Lady Gaga and have even less respect for her except for this:


While it’s fun to dance to some of her songs, and cover a few others, when the place I was playing erupted into applause last night the strains of one of Gaga’s more recent hits played in my mind.  You might think as I first did that Lady Gaga was referring to the attention performers in some narcissistic way sometimes seem to need but after a little digging I discovered  her meaning behind “Applause” was not that different from mine.  IF her public professions are true it isn’t the applause of recognition she lives for, but rather knowing you’ve been able to make people happy through their applause.

Last night was actually a band-crash, rather than a performance of mine, and as I snuck out of the venue at the height of its activity I pondered what it is about performing that draws me in like a magnet.  Sitting behind the keys, in a packed house, when I began “Faithfully” I watched the faces in the room light up with recognition, raise their glasses, and sing along.  The feeling it brought has only been matched a few times in my life and its one I am constantly seeking. The applause after a song always embarrasses me, I’ve never gotten used to it, but it is the cheering, smiles and happiness that the songs I choose bring to the people listening that help me to forget everything else going on in my life, anything else going on in the world, and will draw me to a microphone every time.

The only thing I wished as I sat behind the keys singing along with the room to some of the greatest musical anthems, was that I could write songs that would speak in the same way to the people listening.  Maybe one day 🙂


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