Returning to my Roots…

I had not yet moved to the ’03 in Lynchburg (this tiny towns closest version of 90210) but I had just finished my first-ever show at one of my old haunts, Bullbranch.  It was somewhere in 2005 that I met Dave Ellis and his wife Melanie and over the years spent many holidays in their company and in their restaurants.  When I decided to start performing, I approached them with the request to sing on a Wednesday night at their restaurant with what little I had then: a mic, a Behringer amp, my keyboard and my dad’s guitar.  That was the spring of 2010. With little to lose (except repeat customers and my reputation) they allowed me to sing a week later.

ImageI sang every Wednesday for the next four months and am indebted to both of them for not only allowing me the audience and space to build my performance chops, but allowing me to return almost four years later on a Saturday night with my newly formed band: Fred Jackson (drums), Charles T Bailey (Bass) and Andy Poindexter (Keys). 

Tomorrow will be my first show at Mangia since May 2010, apart from the cameo’s I would later make at open mic nights, and I am beyond excited to return to that space with some of my old originals, remixed for a dance groove, as well as a bunch of new covers that have only happened in recent weeks and some of them tomorrow at rehearsal with the band.  There is something that you can not replace with just a group of musicians when you find chemistry between bandmates.  It’s like a relationship that you’ll never forget because you could read each others mind, were each others biggest fans, and would do anything for each other.  This is why I will randomly inform social networking sites how lucky I am.  I have found a band that believes in me as much as I believe in them, and when that’s the foundation the sky is the limit!

Hope to see some of you out tomorrow night for my first night back on 2496 Rivermont Ave with my amazing band!




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