Instagram, Twitter, and FaceBook…

I needed an escape.  2013 was a series of roller coasters, mainly of which I didn’t know I was riding until the ride halted to a stop.  I needed somewhere to go where fewer people knew me and I could release a lot of the world that I was hanging on to, dreaming of, hoping for.  There seemed no better way to do it than throwing myself down the side of a mountain at 35 miles per hour on a set of skis.

Wintergreen became a home away from home, where I met a whole group of new, wonderful people and I was able to end up going there with a couple great friends 2014 brought me.  It was on one of these “escapes” my friends and I were stuck on a lift at dusk because the generator broke.  Suspended in what we decided was 30ft of air – as we contemplated after 30 minutes of motionless suspension whether or not we could make the jump, and then 45 minutes into the hang whether we could do it if we had to – we found ourselves trapped with a seventeen year old snowboarder who took pictures for us of our plight.


Over the minutes that seemed like hours as the sun fell out of the sky and the temperatures dropped and in an effort to avoid the escalating fear that there might be helicopters carrying us off the lift, we made nonsensical conversation with each other.  Snapping pictures for us, our seventeen year old companion interjects with, “you need to tag me in those.” I immediately ask him to friend me on Facebook and I’d be happy to, but he stops me short and informs me that while he has a Facebook account, he doesn’t use it. His generation uses Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook has always been a vehicle of sorts for me.  As an international living in the US, it has been a way to keep up with my nephew who is growing too fast, my sister, brother in law, cousins, etc. A few years after Facebook’s inception, there was that moment where a high school reunion was made possible virtually and I found all my friends from elementary school and high school back in Canada.  Then I started singing and it became a way to promote my work, shows, progress, etc. I’ll never leave Facebook, but getting stuck on the lift at Wintergreen taught me that even social media changes as quickly as time passes and in order to accommodate I have started using the accounts I set up with Instagram and Twitter years ago.




So now you can follow my virtual thoughts in three different places, it makes me wonder what the next social media outlet will be in another few years…


2 thoughts on “Instagram, Twitter, and FaceBook…

  1. What a harrowing experience, but also a great time to meditate! You may need to edit this phrase; “while he has a Facebook account, he doesn’t use it; his generation uses Twitter and Facebook.”

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