Hours before 2015…

And I am thinking about how long it’s been since I composed anything on this blog.  I had initially thought to do a creative status update on FB, and then remembered this cognitive outlet.  So here is how I would like to say goodbye to the last year…

Dear 2014,

When I first met you, ironically, I had just left one of the best New Year’s parties with a friend who moved away not long after you and I were introduced and headed to a celebration at the very place I will now say goodbye to you.  For those who don’t follow (smile), I was at a party at Martin Donovan’s and we all went to Jimmy’s on the James after the ball dropped to dance the night away. I met 2014 as a newly single, eternal student, who once had musical dreams, family dreams and felt left with her academic aspirations.  That first day together I spent on my own determining to complete the doctorate I was chipping away at and to start writing music one of those three hundred and sixty five days.  That first day was spent at the OCC workout room, looking out over a southern VA landscape I’ve grown to love and I didn’t know how you and I were going to spend the next year, but I was determined to make it matter.

I would never have guessed, that at the end of our days together, I would be getting to do the what I love the most: Sing!  You couldn’t have convinced me that I would have found a band of fantastic musicians, we would end up in the studio before the summer was over, we would release a live CD AND a single, and we’d end up driving to Richmond to Audition for American’s Got Talent.  While all this is going on, you got to see me complete the very last doctoral class I will ever physically take and begin the opening pages of my dissertation.  If you had told me that this year I would find a man who loved me more than life itself I wouldn’t have believed that either, but those were just the tips of the iceberg of experiences that marked this past year.

2014, when I think of the last year we’ve spent together, and the milestones in my life you walked me through, I can honestly say I am sad to see you go; however, it is truly my prayer that when I meet 2015 in a few hours, the dreams that I hold for that year will be much like they were last year whenI met you: Far exceed anything I could have imagined.

The Lord has walked through the beginning and ending of so many things in my life and it is the prayer for the coming year that He maintains His hand in my life and takes me to the places I have always dreamed of!

Here is to the coming year and all the dreams, hopes and experiences it holds!!

Renee Ruth



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