Who Remembers Mixed Tapes?

I’m sure there are some of you who immediately think of the cult classics that centered around the ideas of tapes, tape decks and those prehistoric form of music distribution.  In 2009, there was an entire movie centered around this form of listening and recording.  I can remember sitting in front of my JVC listening to Casey Kasem (we we sadly lost last year) waiting for the opening strains of my favorite song to hit the big red “record” button and start what would be an 8 song montage of radio songs I loved.  Those days are so far behind us, I had almost forgotten the crude approach to music listening and loving until today.


This musical generation behind me has probably never held a Scotch tape, and if they were asked about it they would definitely assume we were talking about something sticky.  The digital world has changed music forever.  How do you remember the music?

Renee Ruth

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