The show must go on…

I love that commercial, where the dad opens the door and looks at his son and “calls in sick.”  There are a lot of jobs in life where you just can’t do that, the show MUST go on.  Which of my readers is in a job where you just don’t have that luxury?  If you don’t have kids, it might be a business that can’t run without you there, or in my case a band that needs me there!  I woke up yesterday morning like and mack truck had run me over.  You know that feeling where your head is as big as a balloon and pounding like a Miami night clubs drum and bass?  That was me.  It’s hard to “reschedule” gigs though.  So many people are counting on you to show up and put on a show, including your bandmates who need the money for bills, and the venue who needs to business for the same reason.  Last night I showed up, AND put on a show…


It takes a lot to step up to the plate when you’re having trouble sitting up off the couch! 🙂  I was wondering what little tricks of the trade you all use to show up when “the show must go on”?

Renee Ruth

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