Anti-Aging, Crows Feet and Rodan & Fields…

On the heels of my last post about Madonna, I was looking at the lengths she has gone to in order to “preserve” her youth.  Even as you scroll through Hollywood celebrities and Grammy winners, both men and women alike spend a fortune to slow the march of time on their skin.  I can remember the moment in my late 20’s when I looked in the mirror and finally *noticed* the expression lines on my face…it was tragic. I immediately set out on a pilgrimage to accomplish what so many before me had tried to do and ended up seven years later with a graveyard of cosmetics that did little more than disappoint.  It was after a six week stint with a well known all-natural anti-aging regimen that I tossed the half-empty bottles into the trash and ordered my first Redefine Regimen along with their brand new release of Acute Care.

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I am not a fan of chemicals, so Botox doctors will never see a penny from me and I am terrified of surgery so neither will the plastics docs.  That’s what attracted me to R&F and Acute Care!  It was ALL-NATURAL and designed to attack the lines that had taken permanent residency on the corners of my eyes!  It was nearly two months into the routine of the regimen R&F began turning back time.


I have waited nearly half a year before actively becoming a consultant in this company because I didn’t want to prematurely support a product (like I had done in the past) that did not deliver what it promised.  This company is not a farce.  The results are gender proof and age proof.  Anyone can begin the journey of turning back time and everyone can prevent the clock from marching on.

Email me at and I’ll set up a time to call/text about getting you into the best skin of your life!!  Remember, the first thing people see is your face!

Renee Ruth

Renee Ruth

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