Happy St. PADDY’s Day…NOT Patricia…

As a Canadian, living in a foreign country (the US), I have experienced moments of sensitivity when my nationality was either ridiculed, teased, or mis-quoted.  I have never taken offense, even when offense was intended, as I understand that the ignorance or deliberate slander of another is not a reflection on me or my country but recognizing the pride associated with ones home and native land I took to heart something that was brought to my attention about St. Patrick’s Day…


I had NO idea.  All these years, I’ve spelled it “Patty,” as “Patrick” has the “t” and that seemed like the logical next step in shortening the phrase.  I was wrong.  So wrong, that it was a Reverbnation post to a fellow artist who kindly informed me that all these years I have been slandering this Irish holiday, unbeknownst to me, and anyone Irish was cringing in the way we might when nails run down chalkboards every time they read the phrase “St. Patty’s Day.”


In the interest of not being a “goat,” I am hence forth referring to this day as “St. PADDY’S Day” and would ask that to be culturally correct all who read this do the same!


If you want a quick little read on this mix up, check this out : http://paddynotpatty.com/


Renee Ruth

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