I got what I was trying to get away from…

Snowmageddon 2016 brought the very weather I have spent the better part of my adult life trying to avoid.  Why didn’t I move further south, you ask?

While I left my home and native land over a decade ago to attend college in VA, I always appreciated the fact that I could get in a car and be at my dad’s front door in 12 hours but not have to live in weather that would freeze your very breath before it left your body. The 12 hour drive was appealing due to my morbid fear of flying.  I know, I know, it’s a million times safer to fly than it is to drive, and while there are endless statistics to support that statement, the fact that I am sitting in a tin-can in the sky, looking out a 8×10 window at the clouds and the world below, at the mercy of whichever pilot was assigned to that commercial flight leaves me feeling anything but safe.

So I settled in Virginia.  A happy little state just south of the Mason Dixon line (Canadian friends, google that one if you are like me and had NO idea there were lines beyond country and state!) where the weather still carried four seasons but at a much more tolerable climate than my beloved Canadian seasons.  Until this year.

As a child, I can acutely remember walking to school, 30 minutes each way, in drifts of snow that reached up to my knee, barely able to feel my fingers or toes, and dreaming of that place the Beach Boys would sing about on the oldies station in my dad’s car: “I wish they all could be California girls.”  I was certain I was a California girl or some-other-climate girl as I used to dream of warmer places every winter that seemed to span from September to April.  A Virginia girl and for the better part of the 19 years, the weather here has always been appropriately milder than that of my childhood home.  Until this weekend.

Here is Canada on Saturday:


Here’s Virginia on Saturday:


I got what I was trying to get away from!

What did your weekend look like?


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